Berber & You


These are troubling times.

The global pandemic that has gripped the entire world threatens the very fabric of our society, our livelihoods and our health. The true scale of its impact is as yet unquantifiable, but it will change the way we live our lives forever.

Within the past week, our way of life as we know it, has been turned upside down. Our hospitality industry has been decimated and now finds itself on its knees. Countless numbers of valued team members have lost their jobs as restaurants, bars and hotels have closed for the greater good of society. The impact is likely to be devastating. Many businesses will not survive. Whilst it’s natural to focus on our own individual problems, which can often feel overwhelming, especially in times of crisis, it is our belief that now is the time we all need to pull together and drive positivity and togetherness.

In the weeks and months ahead, our NHS system and the people who work in it will come under relentless, uncompromising strain. They will have to brave their respective hospital wards and serve on the frontline of this war every. single. day, whilst the rest of us stay at home and self-isolate. This will take enormous courage. They will be our frontline of defence against Covid-19 and we will all depend on them to nurse society back to health, to get us through this dark moment in our history and to be our true heroes. Yet they are likely to be overrun, under-nourished and exhausted.

We want to do something that offers tangible help to those on the front line, in the hope we can make a small difference, so will be cooking our food and delivering to hospitals in our local areas.
We are looking to raise as much money as possible for this. We realise this is a challenging time for everybody, but if the history of our world tells us anything, it is that humanity’s capacity for kindness and generosity, at times when it is needed most, can outshine even the darkest of moments.

The money raised will be used to pay our staff and food costs only. We will of course be doing this on a non-profit basis.

Let’s meet this challenge head on, together, with compassion, courage, open hearts and clean hands.

With thanks, in advance, for any contributions made.

Team Berber

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