Pita month | Edition 2020

At the start of each year, we try and take all those January blues and bury them at the bottom of a faithful pita. Over at Shawarma Bar on Exmouth Market, we invite four guest chefs to concoct their take on our lunchtime staple for one week each and then for one Sunday in February, get them all in for our annual Pita Party.

As per usual, some sensational recipes are stuffing our unassuming bread. Harneet Baweja of Gunpowder brought a home-style Indian twist for week one, dessert kings, Happy Endings are up now with a banana split pita. Bala Baya’s Eran Tibi promises an Israeli-inspired ‘Laffa Couture’ that will no doubt be just as flamboyant as it’s creator, and the month will be seen out by our good friends from Monty’s Deli, no doubt packing our pitas with some perfect pastrami!


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