DIRT. Wine list takeover

From our wine lists:

‘Let’s try a more imaginative way of picking the wine you’d like to drink with us. Instead of looking at its colour, look at its terroir. Would you like a wine from the mountains with a well balanced and refreshing acidity? Or maybe a bottle made from vines, deeply rooted in volcanic soil, developing robust and expressive aromas? You could even have a wine from the sea and taste that unique salinity that a sea breeze leaves on the fruit. Feel free to tell us to shut up and pour some…’


What I loved about Alice’s Fearing’s ‘The Dirty Guide to Wine’, is the fact that it stimulated my imagination.


In particular, I got stuck with the word ‘dirt’ which helped me to give an edge and conceptualise a series of wine events I ran last year at Berber & Q – Shawarma Bar, where I’ve invited a few sommeliers from London, Copenaghen & Paris. The events took place over three nights serving wines from specific terroirs.

DIRT. was really exciting and a lot of people came down to chat with my guest sommeliers, eating some of Shawarma Bar classics and getting a bit tipsy learning a thing or two on terroirs and wines.

I then decided to take it one step forward and call our wine lists DIRT. as I was fed up, and I’m not the only one -(see Les Caves de Pyrene article), of lists where price, geography or colours are the only guidance for customers. I know how stressful and difficult it can be to pick a wine for the table, so I’m trying to make it a bit more fun.

Would you now like to come and dine with us at any of our restaurants? Are you into wines? May I please let you know that our wines are listed by their terroir of origin: SALT (wines from the sea), PEAK (mountain wines), MAGMA (volcanic wines). I really hope this will shape your decision making into a fun moment, stimulating your imagination whilst picking and sipping the wine you’ve carefully chosen. Will you find yourself walking through the forests of the Dolomites, lying on a beach in Santorini or walking up the slopes of a volcano?

As I state on our wine list blurb, choosing a wine should also not be that complicated so please feel free to tell us to shut up and pour some

DIRT. will be back in October 2018 – Stay in the know following our socials our subscribing to our newsletter  


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