Cocktail Recipe




Here is how to make the Peach Habibi! I think this a great refreshing drink for summer days ahead. But before we start shaking cocktails there is a bit of prep to do first. Here is how to make the shrub.

Peach & basil shrub:

6 peaches

½ bunch basil

1.5 cups of sugar

1.5 cups of white wine vinegar

Cut up the peaches and remove the pits. Put them in a container with the basil and add one and a half cups of sugar. Cover the container with cling film and leave for 24 hours. Feel free to leave for longer than 24 hours so it gets extra peachy! Most of the juice from the peaches will have come out and dissolved the sugar. Add vinegar and stir until all the sugar has dissolved completely.

Now we’re ready to make cocktails!

Tools needed: Shaker, strainer, and measure


50ml Tovarich! Vodka

12.5ml Lillet rouge Vermouth

25ml Peach & basil shrub

35ml Orange juice

Cardamom bitters


Add all your ingredients into a shaker. Feel free to use your vodka and vermouth of choice for different flavours. Shake vigorously. Strain into a glass over ice. For garnish a slice of peach and an orange twist.

By Malcolm

You can find Malcolm shaking & straining at Shawarma Bar.

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