Post Burning Man

Burning Man 2017 is now over.

We had to sacrifice a member of our staff from Shawarma Bar, Michael, to it. No-one knows what would come back of that once tall Irish man; is he going to hand in his resignation for a different and better life? Is he going to guide us to a new existence, connecting and believing in something we’ve not discovered as yet?

We’re going to find out who and what Michael has become on Thursday night, but for now what we have of Burning Man, are the first mixes that are starting to appear on all sorts of platforms on the web.


This is a very exciting time for anyone with a passion for electronic music, because the sounds generated at Burning Man are very difficult to recreate in any other party or festival around the globe. When you hear a Burning Man set from a DJ you love, you instantly know that there will be something unexpected and magical throughout it.

One of our favourite DJ’s, Oceanvs Orientalis, has recently uploaded a very long set from his 2017 appearance at Burning Man Tierra Bomba.


This is part of a new project of his, called Kanto Records which “represents a contemporary music and arts understanding that does not believe in genres and aims to enjoy music without restraining it in pre-existing moulds.“

Kantocast 001 – OVO – Extended Dj Set – Tierra Bomba – Burningman 2017


By Mattia