Get In The Sea


Despite multiple taunts from the Woodfired
team, we didn’t actually ever “Get in the sea”. We did, however, take our Berber & Q cooking mentality down to the North coast of Cornwall for a beautifully sunny weekend at the start of June when we teamed up with Ben Quinn and the Woodfired Canteen crew to do two days of outdoor BBQ feasts for some lovely folk from the South West.

We settled in very quickly to the Cornish way of life, with the tempo dropping drastically from the fast paced hustle and bustle of London hospitality. We absolutely love what Ben has set up down there, and just as quickly bought into his ethos and approach to what he wants to do with food. Good food, community, and good times with friends is paramount with the Canteen team, and we couldn’t agree more.

We were lucky enough to test their new home for the summer at Porthmeor Beach, St ives. Josh and Shaun brought some Middle Eastern flavour, as the guys cooked over open fire creating a simple yet delicious seafood BBQ menu, using fresh local supplies and utilising the beautiful weather whilst overlooking the ocean.

You can see some snaps of that right HERE and HERE

On day two, we headed south to the Cornwall county city of Truro, to set up the Drumbecue’s in the garden of grill restaurant, Hubbox. Big thanks to all the team there, who were a big help and a pleasure to work with. Our cauliflower made it to Cornwall that day with a more Berber approach to the menu, which we served up to guests into the evening on yet another gloriously sunny day and night.

HERE’S how that looked

We had an amazing time, and would just like to re-iterate how thankful we are for the experience. Ben, Sammy, Evie, Cat, Soph and everyone involved are a wonderful bunch and are doing a sterling job. If you’re in that part of the world, you’d be hard pressed to find something better to do than to enjoy a Woodfired Canteen set menu dinner. They’ll be running two sittings each Tuesday & Thursday from their new home overlooking Porthmeor. GET INVOLVED!

As well as that, they’ll be doing all sorts of weird and wonderful dining experiences other collaborations, including with Wild Wine Club, Smokestak, Quickes, Hidden Hut and some great Cornish based Charities.

Keep up with what they are doing over at

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By Danny