I’ve always enjoyed skateboarding. Never quite grasped it myself, but as an avid snowboarder when i was younger, I had friends in the scene and a big respect for the sport. Still to this day I enjoy watching skate videos and competitions and seeing people push the boundaries of extreme sports. Now probably after one day trawling through a digital sea of trick video’s, I stumbled upon Skateistan.

Now it’s one thing to get a kick out of watching the sport progress physically as the years go by. But it’s quite a more inspiring experience to see how it’s now helping young people in a country torn apart by conflict for over 30 years…

“Skateistan is an international organisation
that provides education and skateboarding instruction to youth in some
of the most volatile places in the world

Skateistan was set up by Oliver Percovich, you can read about his story here

What an amazing thing to do. To take skateboarding into Kabul, Afghanistan, not only as an activity but as a tool to help better the lives of the young boys, and predominantly girls, living there. Obviously this story won’t have been smooth sailing. To endure the risks in these volatile locations and to commit to such a great cause is an amazing achievement. Keep up the good work Oliver, and everyone over at Skateistan. We need more of this in the world.

Check out Skateistan HERE, and if you can find it in you, maybe even donate a little.

Also, there’s this beautiful short film you should watch…

By Danny