Madees Khoury

Now, the beer game itself is predominately dominated by men as it is. With craft beer becoming cool in the UK and breweries popping up left right and center in the last 10 years or so, the market is at an all time high. Of course as something grows more and more, people are attracted to it. So naturally there’s gonna be more chance of the opposite sex getting involved in what was previously a “mans game”. There’s no denying the UK has bit of a penchant for the ol’ nectar, so with demand been so high there’s no real surprise at a rapid expansion of industry.


As it’s opened up more and more to the masses, it’s not that uncommon these days to have many a female operating within the booze business. In the UK, we’re even fortunate to have women at the top of their game, tasting, tweaking, and crafting the perfect brew.

However, in the Middle East, in predominantly Muslim countries, we don’t expect to see a demand for alcohol quite so high as over here. Subsequently, we wouldn’t expect to see the same level of evolution within the industry…

So, imagine my surprise and complete adoration when I stumbled upon Madees Khoury… The Middle East’s ONLY female brewer! 


Madees Khoury upheld family tradition, and is now General Manager for the Taybeh Beer Brewery in Israel. Check out her story in the article below.

“Meet the only female beer brewer in the Middle East”

By Danny