Raving Iran

Just a couple of months ago, in London, we were very lucky to get the
chance to catch a (quite rare) screening of this pretty powerful documentary.
Big love to Unleash for getting that together.

I don’t want to spoil the story for you, but trust that it’s been an
arduous journey for the main protagonists Anoosh & Arash. And to add more
salt to the wound, they were denied entry into the UK,at the time, so sadly
didn’t make the screening for the planned Q&A and following DJ set.
Needless to say, we we’re gutted. You can read about the event over on Resident Advisor…

 “Iranian DJs denied entry to UK to perform at London film launch”

The documentary however, is very very good, and an truly engrossing
story. There’s some humour, some shocking moments, and some serious parties. I
highly recommend you try and watch it whenever is next possible. But for now, whet
your whistle with the trailer below…

Blade & Beard, as well as being a talking point for their  “against all odds” story, also happen to be a
damn good pair of DJ’s. Listen to their recent mix over on their soundcloud.

VISION 003 By Blade & Beard

By Danny