Ten Things From Tel AvivBefore team Berber & Q embarked on the

nitty gritty of setting up the second restaurant, Shawarma Bar. It was imperative
that some crucial research was undertaken. It’s not an easy life this
restaurant business, it’s a tough job, and google certainly can’t do it,
sooo,.. 5 tickets to Israel please!!


Hummus, from Abu Hassan in Jaffa – to
coin a phrase ‘the best a man can get’. I go there for breakfast. Don’t judge
me for that.

The old town
of Jaffa is a great place to
explore. Filled with flea markets, hidden restaurants and junk shops, it has a
vibe and feeling unlike anywhere else in the city.

Taxi drivers in Tel Aviv
are, without wanting to generalise or stereotype, an interesting lot. Approach
with caution, treat with care, and ALWAYS ask for them to use the meter.

By Josh K


Their vegetables are a beauty, rich in flavor and bright in
colour, from the time you look at them in the market stalls to when you’ve got
them in front of you on a plate by one of the restaurants and cafes that populate
the streets of Tel Aviv

Romano, one of Eyal Shani’s restaurant, trades in one of the
most incredible locations that I’ve ever seen and I’d love it even if they were
serving me dust; the fact is that the food is good too..On top of everything,
they’ve got a ridiculous sound system, a patchwork of vintage and new speakers
from where you can listen to some great records played live almost every night

The sun is always up in the blue sky and it keeps you company
throughout the day; because we could not take that home we decided to get some
yellow tiles for our bar to remind us where it all started…

 By Mattia


Tahini is the life blood of the Middle East, cut and Israeli open and
they bleed sesame seeds.  You really can and should serve tahini with

You can never have too much pita, stuff them, fry
them, dip them. Breakfast lunch and dinner!

By Josh T


Home to Broken Fingaz Crew of graffiti artists, every street has graffiti ranging from tags, comical aubergines everywhere and glorious modern colourful Israeli pieces dropped around town (check out artists Hella Haifa, tant and ghost town) 

The chill. In every sense it is a city, there’s hustle, bustle and noise everywhere but no one is in a rush, wandering through most districts of Tel Aviv people adopt a very enjoyable, friendly approach to life, an almost constant cafe culture

By Shaun


All the lovely photography by Joe Woodhouse