Kadıköy is my favourite neighbourhood in Istanbul
for few reasons, first of all you need to cross the Bosphoros to get there,
meaning that you’re basically leaving the European continent to enter Asia, and
it takes 25 minutes on a ferry. That’s a physical and mental trip in itself.


Secondly because they’ve granted
and supported ÇEKÜL (the Foundation for the Protection and Promotion of the Environment and
Cultural Heritage) to organize the first Mural
Ist Festival
in 2012.

This festival has brought amazing
street artists from across the world to paint building size murals, and the
Yeldeğirmeni neighborhood (which is located in the
Kadikoy district) has been turned into an open-air museum since
the festival’s inception in 2012.


In 2016 due to
the country’s
political situation, many festivals decided to cancel their programs
in Turkey. The Mural Istanbul Festival also had to face some inconveniences
and, despite the misfortunes, the project went forward with the promise to
bring colour to
a city where it was more necessary than ever.

By Mattia