Hassan Hajjaj

There’s a Moroccan
artist we’ve been in love with since we started thinking about the interior design
of Berber & Q Grill House back in 2015.

His photography
caught our eyes and in some way inspired us straight away, because we found some similarities
between the way he’s depicting Morocco and Arabic culture, and
what we wanted to create with Moroccan and Middle Eastern flavours, design and ambience at the
arch at 338 Acton Mews.

Hassan Hajjaj is a Moroccan photographer that ‘meshes
stereotypical images of Arabs with icons and brands of contemporary fashion’.


that’s not exactly what we were after, but the idea was to make Moroccan and Middle eastern cusine a bit more
contemporary, mixing it with the cooking
techniques of the US for instance (i.e we cook some of our meats in a Fast Eddy
smoker). With the ambience, we wanted to pay homage to some of the traditions of this culture, keeping our East London roots
where we’re located.

that’s why we have the exposed bricks of the
arch, some industrial shelving made from corrugated metal sheets and our communal tables
out of railway sleepers, in order to keep the East London
vibe alive. On the other side, few details such as the broken and worn out bar tiles, like the
ones we’ve seen in the Medina of Marrakesh, the iconic fez lights and the Moroccan taxi sign.
There’s much more, so pay us a visit soon…


P.S. Hassan Hajjaj has a tiny shop in Calvert
Avenue, go check it out!

P.P.S. We never bought an Hassan Hajjaj piece to
this day

By Mattia