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Raised between Australia and Malaysia, Scully has been honing his
skills as a chef for over 22 years. Hard yards covered in fine dining
restaurants such as Bathers Pavilion in Sydney, and spells in London and
Moscow have given him a worldly and complex education
in the craft. 

In Britain since 2004 with a cooking style influenced by Asia, the
Middle East and Europe, Scully’s open and experimental style of cooking
is touched with a little bit of genius and lies behind so many of the
Ottolenghi and NOPI dishes.

Scully has co-written the best-selling NOPI cookbook with Yotam
Ottolenghi which came out in September 2015. The Nopi cookbook won a
James Beard Award in 2016 for Cooking from a Professional Point of

Scully is a passionate and articulate ambassador for his cooking
philosophy and spends much of his time presenting and demonstrating his
dishes to audiences appreciative of fine food.

We love this article that digs a little deeper into Scully’s cooking psyche and explores his long time relationship with Ottolenghi


Scully is an old friend, and we can’t wait to share the kitchen with him once again. Check out his menu below and click here to grab tickets to his takeover