Raving Iran

“Is your album political? They will execute you”

Around a month ago, whilst on a usual Middle Eastern techno hunt across the world wide web, I stumbled across this powerful looking documentary.

A couple of guys just wanting to play some music and throw some parties, but facing the shackles of Iranian laws and social standards. Immediately I was intrigued. It seemed, however, a pretty hard task to be able to see this movie anytime soon in London, or you know, online somewhere (fully legal of course). There was one screening in Glasgow and another in London, both of which I was a little too slow off the mark to know about in time.

Check out the trailer below and see what i mean…

So, I continue keeping a close eye and constantly trying to find an avenue to catch this documentary. All the while I’m thinking, wouldn’t it be great if someone put on a showing of this and turned it into some kind of club night.

Well, a little over a week ago, Unleash, one of my favourite promoters, announced that they were doing JUST THAT! What an absolute phenom!

On April 27th at East London’s Village Underground, they’ll be screening the movie, followed by a Q&A and then a DJ set from the subject of the documentary themselves, Blade&Beard.

And on top of that, it’s all raising money for Amnesty International’s #freeartists campaign. Superb!

See what Resident Advisor are saying over here

Check out more on the documentary over here

And then grab yourself a ticket to the event over here

It’s selling out pretty fast, so be quick.

See you there,