Call the guy…

Israel’s electronic music scene is rife.
From a love for one of their better known exports, Mr Guy Gerber, and a keen
interest in long established Guy Mantzur, my interests have led deeper and
darker. A rich musical landscape bubbles away on the other side of the
Mediterranean Sea. And it appears, when in need of an emotive electronic
musical mood builder, you just need to call a “Guy”.


Israeli producer Guy J, is considered one
of the most sophisticated and emotive producers in electronic music of the last
decade. From a firm fixture on John Digweeds label, ‘Bedrock’. To his own label
Lost & Found’ Guy has crossed some serious boundaries in music. From his
sensual take on progressive house to his intricate techno and ethereal ambient
material, he’s certainly established himself universally.

Here’s a couple of excerpts of Guy himself
commenting on his homeland –

Growing up, I was more into
Tel Aviv’s underground club culture; techno, progressive house, tech house has
always been a big influence and motivator for me. Even today, the club culture
is amazing in Tel Aviv. It’s a real 24 hours a day style city. I could compare
it to Berlin but with a much, much more crazy lifestyle!

I think that because of the extreme lifestyle of living in
Israel, with peace one day and instability the next, this environment has
affected my reality. Essentially, living there and being part of that culture
made me feel something different every day. 

I went to Israel last year, at a time when it was definitely
not at its most stable… you still see people out in the streets, filling up
the restaurants and going to the clubs, the energy of the city is amazing. I’m
not supporting either side here, but I have to point out that it’s the spirit
of all the people that keeps the country going. It’s very easy for the outside
world to see Israel differently.


Guy’s built up quite the collection of
quality, respected releases on his already established and universally loved
label, Lost & Found.

His most recent solo release was a two track
e.p that’s certainly held my attention for the last couple of months. From the
beautiful slow builder ‘MDQ’  – named
after Argentina’s Mar del Plata airport
– to the resonating thumper ‘Diagonal’

It’s certainly worth stopping what your doing for 20 mins and giving it a

The reason why Guy J has grabbed my
attention most recently, is the launch of his new label. Armadillo Records.

Guy’s professed to allow artists releasing
on his newest imprint more freedom to be more abstract and as ambient as they

Ambience, emotion, electronic music… this is all certainly speaking my language. As the exposure to new producers gets easier and easier in the digital age, it’s a given that people will want to feed themselves and expand their musical arsenal as much as possible. I think Guy’s hard working mentality and insane commitment to pushing himself and music he puts out, will undoubtedly keep him on my radar for many years to come.

I implore you to dig a little deeper and find out more about the ‘guy’.





And for now, press play, sit back, and
enjoy Guy’s recent mix “Between the Stars”. It’s just beautiful.