Beirut’s underground art

We always had a love affair with Lebanon, and not just for its cuisine
packed with bold flavours and vivid colours, which sometimes our chefs take
inspiration  from.

There’s also a powerful underground art movement, particularly in Beirut, made of
young artists, that are coming out from the ashes of a terrible civil war
trying to change things around. Street art and graffiti is very present on
Beirut’s walls and to be honest, we wanted it on the Grill House’s brickwork.
Yes, we had that dream back in the days, and some of this graffiti is on our
mood boards from when we were trying to find the identity for the Grill House.

One of the artist we came across is the incredibly talented Yazan Alwani who
says ‘What I try to do, is write the stories of the city, on its own walls –
creating a memory for the city”.

Here’s a video of the making of one of his masterpiece in honour of Sabah,
the ‘Diva of Music’ in the Arab world.

By Mattia