OFF-MENU with Josh

No 10 Restaurant, 10
Hogarth Rd, Kensington, London SW5 0QT


I love Sichuan food. I also love a restaurant that,
when stuck for what to call itself, simply assigns it’s door number as a name
forever more. As if a real name doesn’t matter because the food is so good.
Except in most instances this is not the case and the food is usually awful. Then
it’s just a crap restaurant without even a proper name. It doesn’t get worse
than that.

Luckily, No 10 restaurant in Earls Court sits in the
former category. For me, it’s done for the number ten what David Beckham has
done for the number twenty-three – elevate it to greatness. The only slight
difference being that No 10 is always empty so it really depends on the
individual’s determining factors for greatness I guess.

In any case, I digress. No 10 always send out on-point Sichuan food unlike any other I’ve had in
the city. Skip the entire menu and head straight for the Signature Sichuan Dishes.
The Dan Dan noodle, (my litmus test for good Sichuan, much like a Margherita is
for a proper Italian pizza) is the best I’ve found. Try the shredded pork with
tea tree mushroom (pictured), the fried aubergine with chicken thigh and the
smacked cucumber in garlic sauce. In fact try just about anything save for
maybe the pigs intestines with red chilli. Maybe give those a miss. And don’t
go there on a date. The garlic content is high/unmanageable and the atmosphere
is ‘minimalistic’. 

Have a look what’s cooking over at No.10