Green light for The Green Zone


The Green Zone, “DC’s only popup Middle
Eastern cocktail bar”

The Green Zone in Washington DC, is a
quirky cocktail pop up that’s been on the Berber radar since day one. Before the first restaurant was opened, I was pointed in their direction as a source of
inspiration for creating our Grill House cocktail list. From home-made “Arabian
Bitters” to comical concoctions like the ‘Fuck ISIS’ drink, it was a perfect little
introduction into how I could incorporate middle eastern flavours into some
damn fine drinks.


We’ve kept a keen eye on these guys since
the beginning. It certainly looks like they have a lot of fun coming up with creations
and also making them in whatever space they occupy each time.  So, we we’re over the moon to hear the news
of them finally getting comfortable in a permanent spot!

You can read the full scoop over at the Washington
City Paper

And be sure to have a closer inspection
over on their Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

Thanks for the inspo guys, we’ll be sure to
come and give you a visit some day!

Keep it Middle Eastern,