Into the wild…

Do you remember that dream when you were younger? The one where you’re in a big open field? You’re not sure where, but there are lots of people, and everyone is happy and dancing. You think it might be real because your friends are there, but then you see something otherworldly. You see the trees talk and dance, and people morph into animals and magical monsters. The colours get bolder, the lights get brighter, and the food… the food is Barbeque! Then the mystical music starts. A giant half naked woman singing about bumpers and bounding around a big stage. Clouds of suspect smoke form as a group of men toot a familiar tune… Then you wake up.
Well this year, this dream becomes a reality, as Berber & Q heads to Wilderness Festival 2017.


We’re positively buzzing to be a part of it, and we’d like to see as many of you there for a bite and a boogie.
Check out the brilliant line up over here, and then get yourself a ticket right here